Wow! One conversation and you crystalized my three primary audiences as I rebrand my business.

Your immediate insight into issues I’ve been struggling with really impressed me.

Gently holding my feet to the fire, while offering me a tall glass of iced tea! Just what I need. Can’t wait to work with you!
Kelly Boyles, Health and Wellness Copywriter

I think of you often. You were such a great inspiration and support to me when I was first diagnosed in fact because I knew you, I was able to face my diagnosis with hope and confidence and not so much fear. Thank You

Thank you for being there for me. I wanted to let you know just how much of an impact you have been in my life.

Valerie Toth Keys – BelAir, Maryland

As a former CBS News network editor and cameraman I have worked on countless stories and have met many fascinating people. Many of those stories were about overcoming impossible hurdles. Then, I met Jenny Hart, a resilient, courageous woman who stands above the rest. Jenny willingly tells her story of struggle to give hope, strength and smiles to all those who listen. She is one of a kind.

Mark Brodie, Producer/Director MIB

This book brought a lot of emotions out of me. Jenny shows that through her journeys, she is not a victim, then or now. Her smile shows through her words. Everyone could benefit from reading about Jenny’s Journeys.

Myrna Jensen, mother & grandmother – Canada

Read Jenny’s Journeys before you take a journey of your own and gain strength and courage to take one baby step after another. Organize your progress until you reach your journeys end in safety and success

Jane-Marie, Queen of Organization www.QueenOfOrganization.com

Amazing – If you are looking for an amazing, inspiring book, this is it! I read the book in one day, It a true story of someone who follows all the rules and still gets knocked backwards. She gets back up and fights. You vicariously live through her triumphs and downfalls. Truly inspiring!

Beverly Billingsley

In reading Jenny’s Journeys, I laughed, I cried, I thought “Wow. Glad that didn’t happen to me,” and at times I felt like jumping up on my feet and applauding. And when I finished the book, I closed the cover with a broad, deep smile on my face – a smile, I suspect, like the one that carried Jenny through the tragedies she experienced to reach the victory she so compellingly describes. Jenny invites you on a journey; Take it with her

E. Thomas Behr, Ph.D., Author of the Tao of Sales and Selling with Class

If you have the desire, it is possible to change nearly every aspect of your life, if you really want to. The stories of Jenny’s Journeys are proof positive that desire is where it all begins

John Childers, Million Dollar Speaker Trainer and Author

Everybody faces tough times at one time or another… Jenny’s Journeys is a beautiful and initimate journey of the highs and lows one faces when a life-altering illness shows up at your door… and how it really is possible to turn lemons into lemonade; and to see challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn. I was very moved and inspired by her stories!

Jennifer Carter, Speaker, Coach

A highly readable portrait of a complex and motivated young woman.

B. Vee, SeniorsEatingRight.com

Inspiration for all!!! This book can give inspiration to all. If you have difficulties and obstacles in your life, buy this book. You will no longer have any excuse not to succeed and achieve in your life. This is a must buy/read book for anyone who wants to be inspired. I was drawn in by the stories at the beginning and inspired all the way to the end. I really loved reading this book


Jennylyn is wonderful. She is extremely patient and you can tell that this is not just a job for her… she really cares. Thank you for all of your advice Jennylyn.

Billie Jo Work

Reading Jenny’s Journeys provides inspiration as well as an example of perseverance. Jenny Hart’s compelling account of her life is a motivational demonstration of how determination and attitude can lead to triumph.

Jeffery Thompson Parker, Author of Flicker to Flame: Living with Purpose, Meaning, and Happiness

Jenny made me feel like I was there with her on her journeys. She inspired me to reach out and touch others the way her stories touched me. So reach for Jenny’s Journeys then reach for a phone and send out smiles of your own to make smiles travel!

Lois Williams, retired R.N. – Canada

I enjoyed the book. It was inspiring and inspired me to maybe write a book and share my story. I would also like to participate in toast masters. Jenny is an inspiration. Thanks!

Joyce Delacruz

Jenny’s Journeys is a wonderful reminder that STUFF HAPPENS in life, and we can either choose to be a victim or choose to learn from it, move on and live our lives to the fullest! The story brought tears to my eyes as I read about her challenges with MS. I don’t have MS, but have certainly faced my own challenges and (for the most part) have come out on top! I RESPECT and CELEBRATE the fact that Jenny has done just the same, and has made it HER MISSION to INSPIRE OTHERS to TRIUMPH in the face of TRAGEDY, to keep searching for those sometimes-evasive answers to our problems, and more importantly to be grateful for what we do have, and to MAKE THE CHOICE to live life to it’s fullest! This is a great book for anyone who wants to be inspired, and a great gift for someone else who needs inspiration (whether they have MS or not). I loved reading this book!

CA Mountain Sea